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“No one is better . . . than Bernie Kerik.”

As the police commissioner of New York City on September 11, 2001, Bernard Kerik was at Ground Zero before the second plane hit the World Trade Center. Amidst the rubble and horror, he stood firm as a leader to his department and as an example of courage and resilience for the nation. In his fiction debut, The Grave Above the Grave (Humanix Books; September 4, 2018; $26.99 Hardcover), Kerik unfolds a chilling scenario: the looming threat of another masterfully orchestrated attack on America from a network of radical Islamic terrorists.


Sixteen years later, Rick Raymond still remembers rushing toward the Towers on 9/11, fueled by determination and his duty as commander of the 1st Precinct in Lower Manhattan. He still feels his heart stop at the realization that his wife was on the flight that went down in Shanksville, PA. Now, as police commissioner, he remains committed to protecting the world’s greatest city. But as he’s learned over the eighteen months since his appointment, the job demands balancing law enforcement with playing politics with the mayor and managing the press. Then there’s the challenge of keeping his far-from-strictly-business relationship with the D.A.—the smart and strikingly attractive Sheilah Dannis—private.

The plot heats up with a dreaded call: two cops shot, one dead, in Times Square. According to a half-dozen witnesses, the shooter screamed as he opened fire, “Allahu Akbar! God is great!” Leading the chase with his elite team along for the ride, Raymond takes out the suspect with a formidable weapon: his Surburban. Rather than hailed as a hero, the commissioner gets slapped with a Grand Jury investigation, aggravated by an ambitious reporter’s headline: Police Road Rage? While Raymond waits and fumes, investigators find evidence of the dead suspect’s link to something larger and darker than an isolated cop killing spree.

The Grave Above the Grave follows Raymond from a search for a connection inside the NYPD into the jolting discovery of organized international terrorist cell. Planned attacks cover a span from Rockefeller Center to Las Vegas. Then, the terrorists target the Commissioner in a way that’s ruthless—and personal. True to his nickname, the Eagle, Raymond swoops in—with a vengeance. Along with his team and an exceptionally devoted female FBI agent, his allies include a former adversary: a relentless investigative reporter.

About the Author:

BERNARD KERIK served as the 40th police commissioner of New York City from August 21, 2000 to December 31, 2001. Prior to his appointment, he was commissioner of the Department of Correction, following eight years of service, both uniformed and plainclothes detective, with the New York Police Department. A recipient of the prestigious NYPD Medal of Valor, he is the author of a New York Times bestselling memoir The Lost Son: A Life in Pursuit of Justice (HarperCollins, 2001).

A law enforcement insider and frequent media commentator on breaking news, Bernard Kerik has created a suspense-packed thriller that’s timely and terrifyingly real.

Sample Interview Questions:

  • You’ve spent 30 years in policing and security, 10 of which were in the Middle East — what are your fears and do you believe we could suffer another attack like 9/11? Can you talk to us about the current terror situation 17 years later?
  • You’ve said that there is no safer city in the US than New York City. What did 9/11 teach us?
  • How did writing your novel The Grave Above the Grave give you the opportunity to educate people in a fictional way about your fears for the US?
  • How much did the World Trade Center attacks weigh on you as you wrote this novel?
  • Do you believe that President Trump has made the US safer today and how so?
  • Is the Commissioner Raymond character based on you?
  • At the end of the novel, it is hinted that there are more adventures for Commissioner Raymond. Can you give us a hint of what’s to come?

Advance Praise:

“No one is better in taking us into the real world threats of international terrorism than Bernie Kerik, a man who has lived it. This page-turning novel makes you appreciate the challenges and threats we face today, and the men and women in our law enforcement communities that stand between good and evil.”

A gritty, intense, and powerfully written thriller! The Grave Above the Grave is the perfect mix of cops, corruption, and calculating terrorists. Bernie Kerik has scored an absolute home run!

“When it comes to cops, Bernie Kerik is the real deal. Locking up the worst of the worst on New York's grittiest streets. Heading America's largest police department. Standing defiantly in the rubble of the World Trade Center on 9/11. And putting together a police service in Baghdad at the close of the Iraq war. Bernie has seen and done it all and brings it to life in The Grave Above the Grave. A sure best seller!”


Humanix Books
The Grave Above the Grave
ISBN: 978-1630060992
On-Sale Date: September 4, 2018
$26.99 USD

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